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Custom T Shirts to Help Promote Your Business and Attract More Customers

You probably have more than a couple of t-shirts in your wardrobe. However, you may not understand this easygoing wear thing can be cool and popular on the off chance that you style it appropriately. This is a unisex top and can be worn by anybody. Due to its flexibility, t-shirts are very common these days. Not just due to style, custom t shirt printing Sydney can help you promote your business as well.


Nowadays, you can find custom made t shirts in Sydney in every colour, style and design. T shirt printing Sydney with the right colour and printing combination can help you attract more customers. It doesn’t matter what sort of shirt you pick, polo shirt, military-style shirt, vintage shirts, or something different; you will see they are fun and easy to wear. Due to these facts, many companies have made custom t shirts Sydney a uniform of their companies.

Simple to Wear

T-shirts are not difficult to put on and off, making them a convenient choice for grown-ups and kids. Additionally, matching a shirt with a skirt, pants, or pants is conceivable for ladies, and you can make an incredible design articulation. For the folks, wearing a shirt with any bottoms, shorts, pants, and so forth gives an extraordinary look.

Save Time

No doubt t-shirts are easy to wear, you don’t need to iron them every time. They will save you both time and exertion. If you are going to work, wearing a t-shirt and changing when you show up would be a quick and simple process. It is very easy to wear and change the t-shirt, it can help you save time and give you more opportunity to concentrate on your other important work.


If we talk about comfort, there is nothing that beats the t-shirts. Besides the texture, design or shading, it will be comfortable and attractive when you put a t-shirt on. You can wear printed t-shirts for uncountable events, including office, gym, spending time with mates, hiking and many more places. Moreover, you can select t-shirts according to your need, in case you want to customise your own shirt, so you choose any logo and promo and make unique shirts as you want. There different types of printing  shirts are available in the market, such as :

  • Custom Polo Shirts
  • Screen printing shirts
  • Digital Printing Shirts
  • Custom Printing Hoodies
  • Corporate Printing Shirts

Custom Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are fine clothing and public item. Many individuals use it for various reasons. They like to wear it during games or even on different occasions. Polo shirt printing Sydney come in various shadings and styles. Some are unadulterated in shading, while others are stripy. Custom polo shirts Sydney are very famous in corporate companies. Universities and colleges choose to show the school spirit by wearing customised polo shirts. They are not hard to wash, can be worn with practically all clothing pieces, and are truly comfortable to wear. Normally people love to wear promotional logo polos. You can get t shirt printing sydney cheap prices for your business promotions.

Business Advertising Polo Shirts

There are different reasons why Polo shirts are so popular with everyone and go with everything; however, they make an optimal special gift. Both printing and designs can customise polo shirts.  When you design custom polo printed t shirts Sydney, you are building a brand for your business. The brand is your character that will be related to your business. The more individuals see the business name, the more the brand creates. Brand building is an unquestionable requirement since it is connected with the standing of the business.

Screen Printing On T-shirts

T shirt screen printing Sydney is valued by men and even by women. That’s a reason; you could see ladies wearing them in the city and wherever when they aren’t celebrating or assembling for social meet-ups. Cheap Screen printing Sydney is not a difficult process. However, it just finds some essential ways to get your t-shirt screen printed. However, if you are lookout for some screen-printed t-shirts, you don’t need to trouble much while searching for some unique and attractive prints. You just have to pick one of the unique designs according to your desire from the market and get it to screen on your shirt.

Advantages Of Screen Printing

If you design your own t-shirt with large block areas, it will be very beneficial. Advanced printing, and different techniques, can’t print huge areas, so they are not as effective as a screen.

  • Screen printing shirts is exceptionally hazy and can cover any deep colour underneath them. Advanced printing prints light shades on top of the dark like light blue on radiant yellow, without looking green.
  • Screen printing is incredible for whites, and even with DTG stream printers, white on dim regularly keeps going close to a few washes. Screen inks are undeniably more steady and are thicker, so they give more prominent inclusion. You want to offer no particular washing guidelines.
  • The screen is very cost-effective if you have one colour, and on the off chance that you have longer runs screen beats most different techniques for economy and cost

Digital T-shirt Printing Sydney

Digital printing

Digital printing is a much more up to date technique for printing custom clothing and is regularly known as direct to-garments printing. Rather than applying each layer or shading in turn utilising screens, a direct-to-garment clothing printer will apply all tones directly to the clothing in one layer of ink. Think about this process, like when you watch an ordinary paper printer yield a photo at home. The printer applies every one of the fundamental tones in a single pass, from top to bottom, and ultimately delivers a full picture once the paper comes out. The ink is a lightweight water-based ink that effectively ingests the garment fibres without a mess for this kind of printing.


One of the biggest advantages of digital printing tee shirt printing sydney is image quality. Digital printing basically takes into account a higher goal, giving your shirts a cleaner generally appearance. This great appearance is the thing that at first made digital printing popular; however, there are likewise extra advantages.

Image quality is one of the biggest reasons that many businesses choose to digital t shirt printing Sydney. Digital printing simply allows for a higher resolution, giving your shirts a cleaner overall appearance. This high-quality appearance is what initially made digital printing popular. Moreover, The custom t shirts Sydney designed that you produce for your business will be an extension of your brand, so focusing on image quality is truly worthwhile. You want to make sure that your brand’s custom-designed t-shirts are eye-catching, and digital printing t-shirts is a way to make that happen.


Probably the most significant advantage that shows up with digital best t shirt printing Sydney for your business is an expanded degree of productivity. This efficiency implies that you can get your shirts created with a lot quicker turnaround time. If you want custom shirts quick, digital printing will probably be the ideal way of achieving that.

This lifts efficiency because of the way that conventional screen printing is very time and labour-intensive. With digital printing, you can eliminate the waiting time and get results quicker.

t shirt printing marrickville

However, if you are looking for a t shirt printing company in Sydney, don’t worry. My Tees is a leading company in Australia. We provide a wide range of apparel styles and colours to personalise, including:

  • Custom T-shirts
  • Women T-shirts
  • Sweats, infant
  • Toddler Tees
  • Polo Shirts
  • Hoodies, Singlets
  • Cool, dry, Sports, Hospitality and tradesman wear

We have been working in this industry for years. We always ensure to use the best quality material for personalised t shirts Sydney. We never compromise on our quality. To meet your standards, we work hard and always provide services that surpass clients’ expectations.

In addition, we always select new high tech materials and high-quality fabric. Moreover, if you want to buy personalised t-shirts or polo shirts Sydney, we have got you covered. Sydney cheap t shirt printing Marrickville services are also available.

Pick the Right Manufacturer for Wholesale Corporate T Shirts Sydney

It takes time and a bundle of resources to set the business image. Public awareness is a way to leave an impression and make a good image of your brand in the public’s mind. One can adapt to a comprehensive marketing or public relations campaign that could be effective for businesses. Promotional clothing Sydney giveaways is a practical idea that has been adopted by many businesses, and data revealed the success ratio is awesome. A promotional campaign using T Shirt in Sydney is a popular way for brand recognition among the targeted audience without spending hundreds of thousands of bucks on billboard marketing.


Importance of Printed Shirts for Corporate Sector

The success formula for businesses includes how you build your image and what strategy you adopt to reach the target audience. Companies spend their financial resources for a better rank when setting their social image. The dress code of corporate employees in an organisation could be used to display your business message to visiting people. Corporate T Shirt Printing Sydney has emerged as a big industry as more businesses are using printed t-shirts for their employees to wear during working hours.

Standard Employees Uniform

Uniform sends a message and sets the staff hierarchy as different designs, colour tones, and printed badges help to rank the employees according to their positions. Company T Shirt Printing Sydney for workers is used to print staff uniforms bearing brand logo along with an appealing message. As a business owner or an Executive, one should choose the right colour scheme, elegant printing design and a professional-looking printed uniform to stand out from competitors. Printed company t-shirt for employee uniforms has emerged as a must-have for businesses, organisations, institutes and NGOs. A good quality printed t-shirt also motivate staff to wear it with pride. As a leader, one should opt only for a quality T-shirt printing company in Sydney that has a sound goodwill and track record for providing valuable services to well-known Sydney businesses.

Are you Looking For a Wholesale T-Shirt Manufacturer in Sydney?

Finding a wholesale T Shirt Manufacturer Sydney could be a nightmare as you are going to invest your resources and also how your employees will look. Sydney is a gateway to Australia millions of people visits the city in a year which presents the unique opportunity to leave an impression. It is ideal for getting a sample from a t-shirt printing company for a sample population to check for quality stuff. After some time, i.e. a couple of weeks, you can ask your employees about the quality, look and comfort of the uniform to get feedback. Another way could be to request your customers for their views about the appearance of employees in written form. You can also start a survey about the appearance of your employees on how your customers think about it. When satisfied with the appearance and tested the uniform, you can order Bulk T Shirt Printing Sydney with confidence.


Giveaways Promotion Campaigns

Giving away printed t-shirts means you are uplifting the image of your organisation among the crowd without spending huge money on marketing. Sports events, festivals and public gathering places are good to start to offer free printed shirts. Understanding the geopolitical situation is an important factor before designing the campaign. Here a business should choose an expert Promotional T Shirts Sydney manufacturer with a proven traceable record. Promotional t-shirt ideas may include the following:

– A free printed shirt during a match to support their favourite team

– During a shopping festival, i.e. Black Friday or Christmas

– Promotional T-Shirt giveaways on Thanksgiving etc., along with some quotes and company logo or a business message

– When you are starting a campaign to boost sales

Kids are close to parents, and giveaways to kids with attractive designs, tattoos and different patterns appeal to kids. Printed shirt giveaways to kids mean you are making emotional contact with the entire family. Food businesses focus on kids via toys and making fun zone and playing areas to welcome toddlers and their family members. These food chains can design specialised printed t-shirts for kids with quality stuff to increase their brand recognition quickly. This way, you are increasing the goodwill of business by increasing repeat visits.

Whatever the strategy you adopt, i.e. free giveaways or offering printed Company T Shirts Sydney for some cost to your customers, the more the printed shirts along with your business logo and message are out, you are getting more brand recognition.

There are some critical considerations to look for:

Location Specific Clothing

Considering the stuff of t-shirt is of paramount value as the article must match the weather conditions of the region where the shirt will be used. Australia isn’t a tiny nation; there could be significant temperature variations, i.e. Sydney and Canberra are located at 3 hours of the drive only, but the temperature variations are huge. Offering thick printed jackets and other wearables in Sydney to a person from Canberra isn’t much fruitful.


Advertising Format

As a decision-maker and a business leader, you can choose from either printed Corporate T Shirts Sydney for employees or free public giveaway shirts with printed logos or embroidery work shirts. You have to choose the best type that suits your marketing campaign, keeping in view the article and stuff of clothing.

Benefits of Company Uniforms

You may wonder what the fruitful benefits are of a printed or embroidery company uniform can be! Organisations who choose company uniforms find that they are benefiting from improved staff well-being and increase their morale at work.

A Sense of Belonging

It is crucial for any business that its workers, staff and even executives feel they are part of a unit to achieve their goal. Workers are caretakers of any business, and a team wearing the same uniform ignite the sense of belonging and instils emotions with business. This also motivates subordinates to perform well as they are part of the same team and hence improve the overall productivity.

A Sense of Pride

Involving employees during the uniform designing process brings positive impacts. As a leader, you can ask for inputs from employees about types of workwear that would feel them comfortable. Such HR exercises the opinions of employees are valuable for higher authorities, and this makes them proud to be a part of such an organisation that listens to its workforce. This way, your employee will help you raise your business flag further higher.


Time Savings

It takes time to decide what to wear on a daily basis as picking a professional outfit for commute may take a toll from the free time of an employee, which could be better spent for personal well-being or for quality family time. Apart from that, wearing professional-looking dresses put a financial burden on employee and put them in a race to keep up with the standards of coworkers. A well designed printed or embroidery work uniform is a solution to such complication as the uniform reiterates the equality among them.

Are You Looking for a Whole Sale T-Shirt Manufacturer?

Are you looking for a leading corporate apparel Sydney manufacturer? My Tees is an Australian based company offering Wholesale T Shirts Sydney. We have has implemented eco-friendly practices during every process of t-shirt designing. We are experts in:

– Screen Printing

– Vinyl Printing

– Embroidery polo shirt

You can either choose from their huge collection of apparel or can design your own shirt. You can choose the right type of wearable, add your own text, some artistic work, upload an image, any name or any contact number that belongs to your business.

Our Fibres

Cotton, our bread and butter

We’re deeply committed to making sure our world and the garment workers in it are treated with dignity and respect. A big part of this is being intentional about the way we source our fibres. Cotton makes up just under 90% of our product offering, with other fibres such as polyester, viscose, linen & acrylic making up the remainder.


Our Partners.

We’re proud to work with the Better Cotton Initiative, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Cotton Australia, to help us responsibly source our cotton.

These initiatives focus on promoting sustainable cotton production, reducing damage to freshwater systems, encouraging the use of advanced irrigation technology and using more ecologically sound growing methods. They all work with farmers, government agencies, buyers, and investors at key stages of the market chain, from the field to the point of sale, in a joint effort to promote more ecologically and ethically sound cotton.

Currently, 16.5% of our cotton is BCI, 10% is certified organic and 23% is Cotton Australia.

By 2025, our aim is for our cotton supply to be 100% sustainable.

Ethical Sourcing.

We carefully source our cotton from China, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Cameroon, the USA, and Australia.

We don’t source any cotton from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, or Xinjiang in China as we believe that cotton picking in these places takes place under conditions that appear to raise a high risk of coercion. Until we can be convinced that cotton pickers here are treated with care and dignity, we will continue to boycott these areas.