Our Fibres

Cotton, our bread and butter

We’re deeply committed to making sure our world and the garment workers in it are treated with dignity and respect. A big part of this is being intentional about the way we source our fibres. Cotton makes up just under 90% of our product offering, with other fibres such as polyester, viscose, linen & acrylic making up the remainder.


Our Partners.

We’re proud to work with the Better Cotton Initiative, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Cotton Australia, to help us responsibly source our cotton.

These initiatives focus on promoting sustainable cotton production, reducing damage to freshwater systems, encouraging the use of advanced irrigation technology and using more ecologically sound growing methods. They all work with farmers, government agencies, buyers, and investors at key stages of the market chain, from the field to the point of sale, in a joint effort to promote more ecologically and ethically sound cotton.

Currently, 16.5% of our cotton is BCI, 10% is certified organic and 23% is Cotton Australia.

By 2025, our aim is for our cotton supply to be 100% sustainable.

Ethical Sourcing.

We carefully source our cotton from China, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Cameroon, the USA, and Australia.

We don’t source any cotton from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, or Xinjiang in China as we believe that cotton picking in these places takes place under conditions that appear to raise a high risk of coercion. Until we can be convinced that cotton pickers here are treated with care and dignity, we will continue to boycott these areas.

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